Fair Elections  Progressive HoCo has been actively working to get the Citizens' Election Fund passed in Howard County.  Our members have knocked on doors and testified before the Howard County Council.  We will continue to press forward on this important issue.  Even post-passage it will be necessary to work with the County Council to assure adequate funding.  We are committed to getting big money out of politics by creating systems that empower small-dollar donors and make elected officials accountable to those who elected them.

Earned Sick Leave – Many Maryland workers have no protection against lost wages or job loss when they get sick.  We won sick leave for 100,000 workers in Montgomery County and now we are working to gain this critical protection at the state level.

Immigration Reform – Immigration reform is a broad issue that includes fair treatment of documented and undocumented individuals, ensuring that local law enforcement is not pressured by Federal authorities to betray the community trust, working for a path to citizenship, and other issues.  Progressive HoCo is working with Progressive Maryland on these issues as applied at the state level.

$15 Minimum Wage – We're bringing the Fight For 15 to Maryland to ensure all workers earn a fair wage.  We support fair wages for all workers and the elimination of two-tiered wages for tipped workers that disadvantages some of our most marginalized citizens.

Civic Engagement – Public participation is the cornerstone of democracy but voter turnout remains low, especially in midterm and local elections.  We are working to eliminate barriers to voting and increase voter turnout in all elections.

Environmental Justice – Maryland is home to many environmental treasures, from the Chesapeake Bay to our many parks.  But pollution and misguided corporate practices threaten these public resources, often at the expense of low-income neighborhoods and communities of color.  Help us build a system that puts people and the environment above corporate profits. 

Police Reform – Progressive Maryland is building trust between law enforcement and the public, ensuring the safety of Maryland communities.  During the 2016 state legislative session we joined with the Maryland Coalition for Justice and Police Accountability to help pass an omnibus bill creating greater transparency into community policing.