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first-post.pngYou may not have heard a lot about Progressive HoCo but our parent organization has been around for a while.  We are the Howard County chapter of Progressive Maryland, a non-profit organization that has been advocating for working families in Maryland since the early 2000s.  Issues we have been working on include the $15 minimum wage, because we believe that all workers should be able to make a living wage and not have to struggle every month to pay rent and buy essentials like food and clothing.  We have fought for paid sick leave for workers because everyone gets sick and you shouldn't have to risk losing your job because you do get sick.

But beyond what we have done, we want to look toward the future.  We want to make Howard County and the State of Maryland better places to live for all of its citizens.  We are working with the Howard County Council to pass the Citizens' Election fund that will provide matching contributions to candidates for County Council and County Executive, if they agree to forgo contributions for large corporations, labor unions and PACS.  This helps move big money out of local politics and makes our elected officials accountable to us, the people who elected them.

We want to hear what issues are important to you, at both the county and state level.  You can share your ideas on the Feedback Page of this website.  We also want you to get involved in improving you County and State for all its citizens.  You can volunteer on the Volunteer Page where you can choose an activity or enter something you especially want to do.

Thanks for choosing to make Howard County and Maryland better for all its citizens!


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